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Chef Brandon was born in Los Angeles, California.  His mother grew up in Shreveport Louisiana. His father derived from Native American roots by way of the historical "Trail of Tears."

Growing up in the Los Angeles, Chef Brandon was quickly adopted by the fast growing Jamaican, Belizean, and Hispanic communities.  He was amazed by the fact every culture has a very traditional flavor that can only be found in some of the oldest sections of the city.

Chef Brandon decided to obtain a culinary degree while working with a local BBQ catering company.  Realizing the dynamic relationship between "fire and flavor", this was the birth City Bluez BBQ.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind about the planning and preparation of food for your next big event. 


We specialize in authentic BBQ, smoked “low and slow," and bringing the spices of Louisiana together with the tropical fruit of the Caribbean. We aim to make gourmet food fun and affordable for everyone. 

Through our commitment to local and fresh ingredients, we contribute to sustainable living and the cultural development of our community. Warm, southern hospitality feels the cool, island breeze at City Bluez BBQ. 

We cater to all types of events in Southern California. From Los Angeles to San Fernando to San Bernardino and Orange County. We will bring the southern comfort food catering to you. 

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